WordPress Security – How Safe Is Your Site?

WordPress SecurityOK so you’ve built your new WordPress site, or your web site guy has. That’s great! WordPress is the basis for around 20% of all new web sites being built today.

Unfortunately about 75% of these web sites don’t pass even the most basic security checks. Which leaves them vulnerable to hackers.

So, what can you do about it? There is plenty you can do. First, look through the Basic Security Checks and fix all that up. That will make your site WAY more secure than it was before.

But for truly great security, only used by the top 5% of WordPress sites, you will need to go through the Comprehensive Security Checklist.

Of course, not everyone is going to be able to do all the steps on those lists.

Need help? No problem.

We can do the 8-point security check for you for free, or a more comprehensive 33-point security check. These will give you some idea of what needs to be done on your site.

Then if you want all these problems fixed for you, you will need the Fix My WordPress Security service.

You can handle it from there? Wonderful! But if not, we’re still here to help you out with the Ongoing WordPress Security Monitoring service.

Want more? Sure! Get in touch and we can discuss your needs – web site design, SEO, online marketing, mailing list management, whatever. With over 30 years’ experience as a programmer and marketer, and over 12 years in building web sites, we are here to help.

WordPress Security - How Safe Is Your Site?
Have you secured your WordPress site from hackers yet? Or will you be next to be hacked?


warningNot even doing ALL these security fixes is going to guarantee your site will never be hacked.

But, since most hackers are simply looking for easy targets, tightening up your security will make most hackers decide that breaking into your site is WAY too hard, and just move on.

Make sure you do regular backups of your site (especially just before you do an upgrade, or after entering important content), and you will be well ahead of most WordPress users.

Why make your site an easy target?

WordPress SecurityOnly around 21% of WordPress sites are currently running the latest version of the WordPress software.

Updating to the latest version is vital, as it often contains important security updates.

WordPress SecurityAs of August 2013, over 21% of all web sites online are powered by WordPress.  This is growing by over 100,000 a day.  About three-quarters of these don’t pass the 8 Basic Security Checks.  Make yours secure, and Mr Hacker will simply move on to the next easy target.

WordPress SecurityForums (fora?  I never can get that right!) are a great source of information and help when you have a problem with WordPress.  Check out WordPress’ own forum – someone else is sure to have been hacked the same way you were.

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